SEAMLESS Association Organization

The SEAMLESS Association consists of a Board, chaired by a co-ordinator, a General Assembly, and an Advisory Forum.


The board consists of five members from different partners and decides on the aims and mandate of the SEAMLESS Association. The board identifies suitable satellite projects and initiates activities in case of interesting opportunities. It also decides on tasks for executive manager and technical committee. Current board members are:

  1. Martin van Ittersum, chairman. (Wageningen University, Plant Production Systems)
  2. Thomas Heckelei (University of Bonn, Institute for Food and Resource Economics)
  3. Erling Andersen (University of Copenhagen, Forest and Landscape)
  4. Sander Janssen (Alterra, Centre for Geo-Information)
  5. Olivier Therond (INRA, Toulouse, France)

General Assembly and Advisory Forum

The General Assembly is composed of representatives from all Developer members. Tasks of the General Assembly are deciding on aims and mandate of Association proposed by the Board, changes to the Association Agreement and deciding on the composition of the Board. The Advisory Forum is composed of representatives from all Developer and User-members and it advises the Board on extensions and new versions of SEAMLESS components, future satellite research projects to be initiated and specific extensions, applications or maintenance issues.